• 1. What is included in NOGA's homes?

    EcoNOGA is a company specializing in the construction of eco-friendly houses. Our services cover the entire process, from the design to construction, site preparation, transport, assembly, furniture, and appliances (for more details, please contact us). Additionally, as a bonus, all residences come with the installation of home automation systems (domotics), solar panels, and water harvesting. We are committed to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to create conscious residential spaces.

  • 2. Are NOGA's homes eco-friendly?

    Yes, all EcoNOGA homes are designed and constructed with care, considering both the materials used and the production processes adopted, with a focus on environmental sustainability. We commit to using materials with low environmental impact, such as wood from sustainable sources, efficient thermal insulation, and renewable energy systems like solar panels. Furthermore, our homes are designed to maximize energy efficiency with good thermal insulation and efficient heating and cooling systems. We also implement water harvesting strategies, such as rainwater collection and blackwater reuse. Our goal is to provide comfortable and high-quality homes while minimizing the impact on the environment.

  • 3. How long does it take to build a NOGA home?

    An EcoNOGA home typically takes around 4 months to build. However, the exact time can vary depending on various factors, such as the size of the home, project complexity, site conditions, and the work schedule agreed upon with the client. We strive to complete each project within the established timeline while maintaining the quality and sustainable standards that define us.

  • 4. What are the steps involved in the construction process?
    • Model Selection: At EcoNOGA, we offer predefined home models for customers to choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences.
    • Factory Construction: Using a modular approach, much of the home's construction occurs in our factory, away from the construction site. This enhances efficiency and quality control during the process.
    • Site Preparation and Foundations: Before home installation, we prepare the site, which may include levelling, cleaning, and laying the necessary foundations for the structure.
    • Home Installation: Once the site is prepared, the home is installed on-site. This involves assembling the various modular components that make up the home, ensuring its structural integrity.
    • Finishes and Sustainable Installations: After home installation, interior and exterior finishes are completed, including flooring, cladding, painting, and the installation of sustainable features such as renewable energy systems and water efficiency solutions.
    • Inspections: Regular inspections are conducted during the construction process to ensure quality and compliance with established standards. These inspections help ensure the home meets safety and quality standards.
    • Delivery: Finally, after completing all the steps, the home is delivered to the customer, ready to be occupied and enjoyed. Customer satisfaction is a priority for EcoNOGA, and we are available to provide any necessary assistance after delivery.


    These are the steps involved in the construction process of EcoNOGA homes, with an emphasis on the mentioned points. It's important to note that depending on the project and specific customer needs, some additional steps may be included or adapted.

  • 5. What kind of eco-friendly construction does EcoNOGA use?

    At EcoNOGA, we use shipping containers as the basis for our eco-friendly constructions. Containers are pre-existing structures typically used for cargo transport, which we adapt and transform into habitable spaces. This approach offers several environmental advantages as it reuses existing materials and reduces construction waste. Additionally, containers are durable and easily transportable, providing flexibility and mobility in terms of home location. During the adaptation process, we employ sustainable techniques and materials to ensure energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and the use of renewable resources, making EcoNOGA homes an eco-conscious choice.

  • 6. What customization options are available for a NOGA home?

    At EcoNOGA, we offer customization options such as the choice of colours for upholstery, cabinets, and wardrobes. This allows customers to personalize the interior of the home according to their preferences and style. The customization options may vary depending on the home model and design, providing a unique experience tailored to individual needs.