Innovative construction in Portugal

We combine a green lifestyle with a sustainable technologic experience.

Our Products

Customer Commitment

We provide exceptional service from planning to home delivery.


We provide customization options to create unique homes tailored to each customer's lifestyle.

Eco-friendly construction

We use shipping containers to build sustainable homes, reducing the environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency

We prioritize energy efficiency with solutions such as solar panels and home automation.

Environmental Responsibility

We follow sustainable practices, using eco-friendly materials and recycling solutions.

Quality and Durability

We use high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques to ensure longevity.

Work Process

Choose your model

You can choose your dream home in our catalogue. Within each model you can also select the colours of specific features to your liking.


Factory assembly

After selecting your model, we will start assembling your house in factory. This process will help us deliver your home quickly and safely.


Site preparation

During the construction process of your home in factory, we will initiate the preparation of your land to accommodate the setup of your residence.


In loco setup

After assembly in factory and setup of your home on site, we’ll finish preparing your home and deliver it to you, ready for you to star enjoying it.


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